Friends of the Library

 Howdy Pardner!  We're the Friends of the Meadows Valley Public Library.  

We're hoping y'all will "hitch up" and join us in supportin' our outstanding library.  We sure could use your help in making this an even finer place than it is already.  Can we count on ya?

A little bit about WHO WE ARE:  We are an all volunteer 501(c)3 non-profit outfit that helps out around the library - - with chores, fundraisin' and anything else that needs doin' to support our excellent library staff.

HOW WE HELP: We hold a couple of fundraisers every year - a spring book & bake sale in March and a fall book sale in September.  We regularly round-up new books, audios & movies, help out with the children's summer readin' program, help provide our wonderful community with travelogue & speaker programs, and more!  We really love our library & staff.  They are top notch!

OUR MISSION: is to keep on supportin' our valuable community library in a number of ways - volunteerin' our help & assistance, raisin' money to help provide for present & future growth of our facility and its programs & activities.


2017 annual membership levels.  Hope one of them suits your fancy!

$10 Buckaroo

$25 Barrel Racer

$50 Calf Roper

$100 Bull Rider

Special Gift Amount: ___________


Please make your check payable to:

Friends of the Meadows Valley Public Library

Mail to:

Friends of MVPL P.O. Box 178 New Meadows, ID 83654

We thank y'all for your loyal support.  It is so appreciated, Pardner!  

By the way, your contribution is tax deductible. Thanks again!

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