Interlibrary Loan FAQ's

Q: What is an Interlibrary Loan (I.L.L.)?

A: An Interlibrary Loan (I.L.L.) transaction is a request to another library to borrow material not owned by Meadows Valley Public Library (MVPL). This service is available to adult patrons with valid MVPL cards. Minor patrons, who would like to borrow materials through the I.L.L. service, must have a parent or guardian with a valid library card make the request for them. In order to use the I.L.L. service, patrons may not have overdue materials or a fine balance. A patron may submit up to two I.L.L. requests per week. Non-residents and visitors are not eligible for I.L.L. service.

Q: What do I need to do before I can use the I.L.L. service?

A: Public Library’s Interlibrary Loan Service must read and sign an (I.L.L.) Interlibrary Loan Agreement. A copy of the signed agreement will be kept on file at MVPL.

Q: What types of materials can I borrow via I.L.L.?

A: Some materials are difficult to obtain because other library my not loan:

  • Materials published with the last 12 months
  • Non-circulating or reference items
  • Newspapers
  • Rare materials, original manuscripts or unique items

Some types of materials are not obtained through MVPL I.L.L. services. These include:

  • Copies of materials owned by Meadows Valley Public Library
  • Journals and newspapers published with the last 12 months
  • DVDs, videos, music CDs or cassettes, computer software and games
Q: How do I submit an I.L.L. request?

A: Library staff will request as much information as possible from the patron requesting an I.L.L. and will then attempt to obtain the requested material in a timely manner. Library staff will attempt to notify the patron if it is not possible to obtain the requested item. Most items are received within three weeks. However, because the process depends on the responses from other libraries, delivery times may vary. Patrons will be called within 48 hours of receipt of the requested material. 

Q: What is the cost for I.L.L. requests?

A: MVPL suggests a donation of  $3.00 per I.L.L. to help the library cover the cost of postage and packaging materials. Every effort is made to obtain materials from libraries that generally do not charge fees for loaning materials. However, some items cannot be located locally and out of area libraries may charge a fee, usually between .50  and $15.00. Any and all fees charged by the lending library are the responsibility of the patron. A library staff member will always obtain the patron’s consent to these borrowing fees prior to making the loan request. All fees must be paid by the patron prior to making the loan request. In the event that the requested material is not received, all fees will be returned to the patron as soon as possible.

Q: What is the loan period for an I.L.L.?

A: Materials are usually checked out for a 21-day loan period. Loan times may be shorter due to restrictions placed by the lending library. An item may be renewed once if the lending library gives permission. To request a renewal, patrons should contact MVPL at least 5 days before the due date.

Q: What if I order an I.L.L. but then fail to pick it up?

A: Library staff will attempt to contact patrons in order to let them know when I.L.L. requests have been received. Failure by the patron to pick up the requested material, within a reasonable amount of time, will result in the material being returned to the lending library. Patrons who show a pattern of requesting, then failing to claim I.L.L. materials will lose I.L.L. borrowing privileges.

Q: What if I lose or damage an I.L.L. item or return it after the due date?

A: Once I.L.L. material is picked up, the patron is responsible for the care of the material until it has been returned to MVPL. Persons not returning I.L.L. materials within 30 days of the due date will be billed for the replacement costs set by the lending library. Any additional fines or fees charged by the lending library will be billed to the patron. Failure to pay these fines and fees, return I.L.L. items on time or pay the replacement or repair cost for lost or damaged items will result in permanent loss of I.L.L. privileges by the patron.  Although MVPL will attempt to notify patrons of overdue I.L.L. materials, failure to receive an overdue notice, for whatever reason, does not remove this responsibility.


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